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Fencing Company of Georgia offers expert fence repair and installation services around Atlanta and all neighboring cities. Whether you need chainlink fence repair or a complete privacy fence installations, our team of experienced craftsmen will work to build and maintain your home’s perimeter for security and for keeping your privacy in place. 

We work on any sizes or materials your fence is made of. Our team of experts will keep it maintained – give us a call or request an estimate to get in touch.

The benefits of having a privacy fence are plenty and it is important to have one around your property or house. Below are the 7 benefits:

(a) Security and Value (b) Seclusion (c) Animal Boundary (d) Protection from weather (e) Property delineation (f) Maneuverability (g) Customization

Fence Repair Services Atlanta


    Wooden Fence

    A wooden privacy fence gives you the sense of safety you want. They’re also available in a picket style which gives a charming look to your yard. Wood fences can keep pets and kids out of the way of danger, and they do that with a sense of style.

    Vinyl Fence

    Vinyl fencing offer any garden a romantic backdrop. We may also work as a fence for safety, depending on the design you select. Vinyl fences need little upkeep, making the busy homeowner an easy option.

    Aluminum Fence

    A chain-link fence can be an inexpensive and unobtrusive way to do it, to add protection to your yard or company. We can attach slats to the entire fence, or just to certain places, if you need protection. Speak about all of the available options.

    Chain-link Fence

    To add security to your yard or business, a chain-link fence can be an economical and unobtrusive way to do it. If you need privacy, we can add slats to the entire fence or just to certain areas. Ask about all of the options available.

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    How much does it cost to repair a wooden fence?

    Getting a six-foot privacy fence between houses with at least one gate opening to the front yard is common in most communities across the US. Most homes also have a picket fence as part of the front yard landscaping, or a decorative metal fence as well. Fences are magnificent when built but they get weathered and weakened over time, transforming into an eyesore. 

    Any fence can be replaced, either by repairing a damaged board or by adding in a new section of wire. The key factors to consider when budgeting for a fence repair project are the magnitude of the damage, the materials used in the fence and the labor costs. 

    Because there are so many factors in residential fences, the average cost varies greatly, from $200 to $1,000.

    How often should you replace a fence?

    For certain cases a homeowner has to repair a fence, depending on the type of materials used or their age. In particular, wood fences can last a long time; but unlike vinyl or aluminum, wood fences can inevitably need replacement after decades of service. 

    In some situations, a fence needs to be replaced when it is not properly installed or when inferior materials are used to build the original fence.  Not all wood is created equal and if you buy a lower grade piece of wood to build a fence, you’re likely to replace fence panels faster than if you’re working with a business that’s behind a certain number of years of warranty. 

    Occasionally, due to weather conditions, there is also a need to repair a fence — in recent years we have seen some fences being demolished by high winds during thunderstorms or as hurricanes pass through.

    Fixing your own wooden fence

    Rather than replacing a wooden fence because it rots, try fixing its posts. The rails normally run horizontally from post to post to reinforce the framework of the fencing. To repair a broken track you can use 2 x 4 metal T-braces or scrap metals. Here’s how you should go about the job.

    Phase 1: Saturate the damaged areas before beginning the work with a wood preservative; The wood preservative helps prevent the spread of rot into other parts.

    Phase 2: Make sure the rail is level and snugly mount 24 cleats below it. Installation, push multiple galvanized nails into the wedge.

    Step 3: Caulking up the top and sides of the repaired parts to avoid exposure to moisture. Many home improvement centers and hardware stores can get galvanized steel T-braces. The braces make repair better and sustained.

    First, level the rail, and then drill several holes into the guardrail and post to use T-braces in the repair. To secure the T-braces onto the railing, use galvanized screws and caulk the joint. And finish painting the T-braces in the same color as the fence.

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    Hiring a fence contractor versus doing it yourself

    Installing fence on your residential property is a good way to boost security, increase your home’s curb appeal and increase privacy. And like several other people, though, you might think about taking your fencing project in a DIY way, there’s a lot to build a fence compared to just digging holes. In top of that, whether you ask yourself or think it might be a better choice if you’d just do it on your own or just employ the pros to do the fencing job on your behalf. The following are some of the reasons why you should hire a professional like fence company Spokane to install your fencing on your property:

    Creating your fence all by yourself might sound like a great idea but if you don’t really know what you’re doing, things can go the opposite way. Of course, anyone can work their way through building a fence but only the professional fencing installation service providers know the best nailing patterns and how to work properly with woods. You may easily rest assured by properly building a fence, trusting that your fencing project will survive or withstand extreme weather conditions.

    When you talk about installing your fencing, you actually get the services that you are paying for. That being said, hiring an ordinary handyman to build a fence may be really tempting, but what happens if you’re not satisfied with the results? Professional and experienced providers of fencing installation services stand behind their warranty ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the fencing installation services provided.

    A professional fencing installation company has that qualified and friendly staff to perform the greatest possible customer service. Besides that, you’re not only going to acquire a committed and very successful boss working alongside you on your project, but you’re also going to have the benefits of post-sales follow-up.

    Fence is only as large as the wood from which it is made. Not like an average homeowner, professionals have access to the best quality, local harvested woods that provide you with excellent fencing. Why choose second-rate materials for fencing when you don’t have to? Hiring a specialist often means getting the best wood quality possible for all the construction specifications for your fencing.

    Building a fence effectively requires the necessary amount of planning and know-how. With the professional team on your side, they can handle all the comprehensive fencing installation procedure details, from the initial positioning choices to the accomplished product, completing the exact characteristics and requirements that your residential property deserves.

    There are plenty of fun and easy DIY projects to go somewhat deeper into there. That said, building your fence isn’t one of them, but leaving the pros with your fencing job will certainly save you energy, money and time.

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