Atlanta Gate and Latch Installation

There are few items as unattractive as a dilapidated wooden gate. But what makes a wooden gate sink and how can you fix it? With wood gates there are many ways to solve problems, particularly if you call professionals. If you have any problems with your current wood gate, please contact the Fencing Company of Georgia experts to find out more.

Gates are sometimes installed on posts that are either too small or not set to depth. If the posts simply can not support the gate, the gate will start falling and sinking, and it may no longer be able to open and close. A proper installation would remedy this, which can only be accomplished by experts. If the contractor is inexperienced, this can happen.

Both wood can swell during heavy rain periods, and gain weight. If your area has rained unseasonably, you can notice the rain is affecting your doors.

If persistent flooding or other water-related issues have affected the ground in your field, it may not be able to properly support the gate or fence.

Contact a professional fence contractor at Fencing Company of Georgia, which has been serving Columbus and surrounding areas for many years fixing, replacing and fixing sagging gates.